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141002 Sukira - Special DJ Heechul:

*Hee: I thought “It wouldn’t be good for TTS to come on Sukira, since no matter what they say, the articles next day will be bad. So I talked with the PD nim, and talked with Taeyeon-ssi, and had them change the guest

*Heechul is wearing jacket he bought with Puff, and inside shirt is Hongki’s

*Hee: Fans say ‘go get a real life girlfriend’, but what sad feeling would they be feeling while pretending to be cool with it? so for now I am still into games and characters ㅋㅋ

*Hee: (Listeners) said our country’s soccer won gold medal at Asian games. Congratulations~ It was during World cup, I was asleep, then I woke up. I went out to the living room, and two BtoB members were there, watching world cup on TV with volume at 1.. Ryeowook-ssi was even sleeping behind them, and the two were watching TV with volume at 1… Then when they saw me, they were like “Hello Sunbaenim. Was the TV too loud?” and I said “no no, it’s fine.” They were jumping like.. Crayon Pop while watching the game, while trying not to make any sound. So I asked Ryeowook-ee, “Why did you even invite them if you were going to sleep?

*Ryeowook invited BtoB to dorm during world cup, but BtoB said “Hyung, aren’t you tired?” but Wook invited them anyways but Wook said he’ll sleep first half, and will watch the second half. So BtoB members watched the first half (with low volume), and tried waking up Ryeowook in second half so he could watch but he wouldn’t wake up, saying “I wont watch it~” so BtoB members decided to go back to their dorms, and they met Donghae on their way back to their dorms. Donghae asked why they’re leaving before the game finished

*Hee:I was sleeping during world cup, and other members [ Hyuk, Donghae, Kangin] gathered and was watching the world cup while eating chicken. I got angry and came out of the room, and yelled “Ya, look at the time! Who watches soccer at this hour!!” and Kangin-ssi said “You are probably the only Korean sleeping at this hour.”

*Hee DJ: (to guests) It’s probably your first time with a crazy DJ

*(Guest said he recorded Real Man)

Hee: Henry-ssi would disappear (for a time) each time after filming it. He said it’s very tiring/hard.

*Guest: (I am fixed guest on Sukira and fixed LOL player)

Hee: You can do broadcast with Ryeowook-ssi, and spend personal time with me but you might not like playing with me, since I talk very strongly/harsh online

*Hee: (to guest) I won’t hit you, talk comfortably~!


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